About Me
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About Me

About us

Your Certified Color Specialist.

Welcome to Color by Cindi! My name is Cindi and I am your local certified color consultant.

With roots in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, I am a licensed general, electrical and HVAC contractor who loves volunteering in my community and being a Cici.

I enjoy building homes with my brother and continue to do. Because many homebuyers wish for a turn-key property, I became involved in interior design as well. Along the way, I discovered my passion for color and helping homeowners choose the right paint color to fit their style, personality and space. Through participating in a wide array of color certification courses and my own personal experiences in home building and interior design, I have developed a strong aptitude for assisting homeowners in making their spaces beautiful again.

Paint color can be such a powerful tool when properly utilized. Color loves to complement. Use it to complete your space, not compete with everything else in it. 

Paint is an inexpensive way to add personality and to transform your home in a big way. My clients often wish for a more interesting paint color in their homes but lack the confidence and knowledge to choose precisely the right hues. Fear of choosing the wrong colors too often prevents them from moving forward with the project at all.

A consultation with a color expert can alleviate your doubts and fears, allowing you to have the home of your dreams. My special talent is to help you recognize and express your own style, bringing to the forefront your love of color.

Whether you are building a new home or refreshing your current home, I can help you choose the right colors, inside and out. Contact me today to schedule your color consultation in the Greater Knoxville, Tennessee area.

Color can be a powerful tool when properly utilized. Color loves to complement. Use it to complete your space, not compete with everything else in it. - Cindi DeBusk

Choose the right paint color the first time.

Have you ever picked out the perfect paint color in the store only to come home and find that color looks much darker, lighter, or more blue/yellow than you originally thought? 

Anecdotal evidence suggests almost half of all paint purchases result from the wrong color choice. 

There are so many factors which influence your color once it makes it onto your walls. These factors include the way sunlight hits your walls throughout the day, the type of artificial lights you have installed throughout your home, and the rest of the colors you have in your space – your flooring, furnishings, fixtures, area rugs, artwork, etc. 

A color consultant can help you identify potential pitfalls before it’s too late.

Anecdotal evidence suggests almost half of all paint purchases result from the wrong color choice. 

How I can help you pick the perfect paint color.


Color is a powerful tool.

You’ve probably heard that certain colors can affect your mood in different ways. We know the generalities like blue is calming and yellow promotes happiness. It’s not actually that simple though. Did you know that blue tends to be more relaxing  because it reminds us of water and the sky? If you pick the wrong shade, you might end up with nursery room blue instead of an elegant grayish-blue and end up stressing over another massive project rather than admiring all of your hard work. 

A little about undertones.

Did you know that even “neutral” colors have undertones? For example, similar shades of white may have blue, pink or green undertones. To really make your space shine, you need to understand these undertones and be able to detect those in your furniture, fixtures, trim work, tile, countertops, etc. That’s where I come in. I can help you pick the perfect shade that complements its surroundings instead of clashing with them.


It's not just about paint.

Choosing the perfect color isn’t just about the paint. There are an array of factors you have to consider such as your personal style, the emotions and energy you’d like to convey, colors of and undertones in your current or planned furniture, fixtures, rugs, art, lighting (both artificial and natural), and more. On top of ensuring your new color complements your home and style, you’ll likely also want to be in-the-know on current interior design trends. That’s where I come in. I help you coordinate your style with your surroundings, all while providing a fresh perspective and professional know-how.

Both an art and a science.

When we think about color, we immediately think of art and creativity, but did you know that color can also be approached in a scientific way? Each color, even “neutrals,” belongs to a hue family. Different colors also reflect light differently. Have you heard of the color wheel and warm or cool tones? As your Knoxville, Tennessee color consultant, I can help you determine the tones present in your home fixtures and furnishings and the proper colors to perfectly complement and contrast each other.

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